“Our sponsored clients are asked to share their story in hopes that it might inspire another to change another life.
These stories are real and the outcomes are nothing short of a miracle.

Our gratitude to both the courageous client & generous sponsor will forever be remebered.”

~ Selene Kepila, Founder


Words cannot describe how appreciative we are for your donation. No matter how big or small we want you to know that your donation is changing a life. We are witness to this daily and it is truly profound. We want you to experience first hand how miraculous it is to touch a life of another in a way that is life changing. We never take it for granted and your donation is so appreciated that we know you will be like us, addicted to the cause of being human, helping a fellow human and feeling the overwhelming joy that you helped to change their life so they too can live the life they deserve.


I was born into a broken home. My parents married after 3 months. They hated each other. They fought like wild dogs and put me and my sister in between it all. Both suffer from addiction and the lasting effects abuse from their parents. They had me my sister and I4 years apart. When I was born my mom developed Lupus. She was in and out of the hospital for months. Garbage piled up to our hips in the house. My mom was asleep most of the time because she was on so many pills she couldn’t stay awake. She hallucinated crazy things all the time and wouldn’t let me or my sister leave the house. She was afraid of everything. She hit me and my sister daily and spoke to us either as babies or adults because she was so messed up.  She refused to go to therapy, she still won’t. My dad was at “work” until 12 am most nights (no one in my family knows what he does to this day).  We moved from Florida to New Jersey.  In between that move Hurricane Katrina hit Florida, so we went to Utah for safety. While we were there we were neglected even more. Baby sitting cousins and cleaning up after the 8 people living in my grandmas. My mom had a heart attack right next to me in bed and had to be forced to go to the hospital. I think she was afraid they would find the drugs in her system and take us away. That’s when child services came into the picture. That’s when I learned how to lie. We should have been taken away. We got out of that situation and continued on. I was late & dirty everyday for school.  I was alone or in front of the TV for most of my time up until junior high. My mom hated all of my friends. She frequently told me I would be nothing more than a whore and pregnant at 16. The emotional and mental abuse was relentless. It felt like I was the problem, at 14. The reason why our family was falling apart. The reason why no holiday was happy. Nothing made sense. We couldn’t afford anything, yet we had child support. My mom couldn’t work but she could take pain killers all day long. I got taken out of school in the 9th grade because I got drunk. My mom ties me to her with twine. She threw out everything in my room and put me on Zoloft, made me sleep in the same bed, and watched me while I showered, I am in therapy twice a week, and put me in homeschooling I had to do on my own. She called me a whore, a lost cause, an alcoholic, pathetic – you name it. She had me trapped in the house for 9 months. When I came out, I followed in her footsteps and got into drugs, the morphine she used to give me if I had a headache. I was raped by a celebrity, I was sexually assaulted everyday in school, I was exploited, I was on my own in a small town that has no forgiveness for the odd one out. Graduated and moved out in the middle of the night because my mom had threatened me one too many times. Fast forward to a few years, I’m back on drugs.  Badly. I was on Xanax and acid everyday. I got raped, robbed, and framed for robbing the people that robbed me. I confided in a family friend who came and picked me up. They took a picture of my social security number and ID and told me they were in the mob and I worked with them now and if I tried to leave they would kill me and my family. I stayed under hypnosis, at gun point, working in a strip club until 6 am everyday until one day I snapped out of it. I ran to the owner of another club, who helped me get housing near the club he owned and offered me protection. This owner began to try and manipulate and pimp me out like the last guy. I looked into him online and he had gotten charged with killing a girl who worked at his club who knew too much about what he had going on. I felt in my gut that he would kill me because he knew I knew he was trafficking women. I escaped, but I still have to dance to make a living. I still don’t know who to trust. My family doesn’t believe me anymore. I don’t have anyone to turn to but the streets because they understand me. I’m trying to get my massage therapy license so I can be in a less intense environment, but I struggle with depression and dissociation and suicidal thoughts. At this point everyone in my life thinks I’m unstable but I’ve just been hurt by everyone around me and I don’t know how to feel confident or what is right for me or who I am really. I’m looking for that peace. That solid ground that I can stand on and truly feel like the decisions I’m making are my own, and that I’m not guilty for hurting the people that actually hurt me in the first place.  All I’m looking for is peace and grounding.  Thanks for listening.
 – Bente


​When I heard I was sponsored by the Foundation for Natural Healing, I felt loved for the first time in my life, something amazing happened. I got a call from the Foundation for Natural Healing that I had been sponsored. The sponsor came from Sun Valley.  I got to speak to my sponsor prior to my first sessions.  She was loving and comforting, having known Selene many years prior.  She suffered in ways but different from me.  But she saved my life.  I regularly attended the sessions that were scheduled for me.  I did what it took to get to their Calabasas location.  Even within the first few times I felt a relief, a deep healing like never before.  I can’t explain it but I felt love, forgiveness, an understanding of life and purpose for the first time ever.  I am so grateful.  I never took it for granted as I continued to share my experiences with Selene, the founder of ENSELE or my sponsor.  Now I can proudly say, I feel whole.  I feel a life’s purpose having finished nursing school and being able to hold down a job, apartment and car.  I continue to have tune-ups on occasions as life stressors get to me on occasion, but the transformation is real.  I hope you hear my story and pay it forward to another in need.  Bless you.  


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